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Welcome to XChangeConnection, a dynamic space where contractors, subcontractors and businesses can chat, get to know each other and, ultimately, make valuable connections.

XChangeConnection is a division of ProjectXChange, which also provides Project Management and Change Management services.

XChangeConnection connects contractors, subcontractors and businesses in a hassle-free way, relying on an extensive database of individuals and businesses with specific skills and requirements. You can also use our unique Internal Messaging System to communicate with other individuals or businesses who are registered on the site. Whether you are curious or serious, a contractor looking to expand your options or subcontract some of your work, or a business in search of the best possible staff complement, we have the ultimate solution for you.

XChangeConnection offers a safe and effective platform where you can customise your profile to suit your needs. The site allows you to stipulate your unique circumstances and requirements with just a few clicks of the mouse. Now you can be pro-active about establishing business relationships from the comfort of your desk!

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Position title: HR / Recruitment Consultant
Payment period: Non-specific
Project description: Our small group provides niche service in Executive Search, Management Appointments and Response Management. The business is undergoing some change to align... Read more.
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