Project management tools are essential to the successful implementation of your project. We offer the following:

Opportunity Report
An Opportunity Report is completed before the implementation of a project. It outlines the broad concept of the project and the opportunities that may be realised by the project.

Feasibility Report
The Feasibility Report is presented to the Board/Executive Committee to secure funds and to obtain Business’ approval of the project. It includes financial and analytical detail as well as marketing strategies.

Business Case
The Business Case illustrates the scope of the project as well as the risks and the benefits to the Business. It also includes a detailed project plan, as well as an indication of the resources required and the areas of the Business that are likely to be impacted.

Project Plan
The Project Plan is a detailed document which highlights all the deliverables that must be considered, as well as an assessment of the potential risks and issues involved.

Post-Implementation Review
The Post-Implementation Review is completed after a project has been concluded. It should include the following aspects.

  • Operational issues to be kept in mind during the handover of the project to Business;
  • Suggestions on how to improve the project methodology in future;
  • Identification of new opportunities to further enhance business operations; and
  • Feedback to the Board/Executive Committee on objectives and benefits achieved.

ProjectXChange also offers an introductory project management workshop, aimed at clients using project management techniques and wanting to improve their understanding. Contact us for more information about the workshop or on any of these tools, including the correct format and successful use thereof.