Project constraints

The time allocated to any project has a crucial effect on the project management skills and competence required. A short timeline requires very effective project management tools and rigorous achievement of deadlines. ProjectXChange can equip you with seamless project management skills under even the strictest of deadlines.

Cost refers to the budget allocated to the project during the Feasibility phase. Contrary to popular belief, a small budget does not necessarily equate to a small project. A good project manager is able to manage and monitor costs to ensure the lowest expenditure possible for the project concerned.

Quality is the primary responsibility of the project manager. The standards and outputs identified in the Business Case should always remain top of mind for the project manager. Quality relates to numerous aspects of the project, including communication, implementation, participation and results.

Remember, the project manager’s success will be measured by how well he/she achieved the time, cost and quality requirements posed by the Business Case, utilising project specialists and resources optimally and effectively, without over-allocation of skills at any stage within the project cycle.