What's XChangeConnection all about?

Founded by Sanet Koster in 2010, XChangeConnection is a virtual meeting place which facilitates the exchange of skills and competencies between contractors, subcontractors and businesses.

The Contractors section allows contractors to list their skills, experience and competencies on a specially designed database where location, contract rates, flexibility, availability and a number of other fields can be specified.

The Businesses section allows businesses to list positions that they would like to fill, with the option of specifying a number of core requirements and competencies with the added benefit of creating an online shortlist of potential candidates.  

The Subcontractors section allows subcontractors to connect with either contractors or businesses.

An Internal Messaging system allows paid members to communicate with other contractors as well as businesses who are hiring. Free members have limited use of the Internal Messaging system, so sign up here to enjoy the full benefits.