Change products

ProjectXChange offers four change products or deliverables packaged in an integrated, holistic way within the change methodology. Although it is a comprehensive methodology as illustrated below, the process can be tailored according to each client’s unique requirements and circumstances.

Remember, each product is vital to the change process - an incomprehensive strategy could lead to a lack of synergy and a number of negative results.

Product descriptions


Navigate aims to provide a holistic context to change. It includes the following processes:

  • Designing a change plan
  • Mapping a change process
  • Assessing the impact of change
  • Managing change risk and proposing resolutions or mitigations
  • Managing stakeholder expectations
  • Sign off of change plans
  • Assessing change readiness
  • Designing a change implementation strategy


Enablement provides the tools required to make change happen. It includes the following processes:

  • Designing a communication plan
  • Developing a training plan
  • Signing off a user interface
  • Managing performance
  • Designing an organisational structure


The role of Leadership is to champion the change by demonstration. It includes the following processes:

  • Approving a business case for change
  • Selecting business and operational sponsors
  • Developing leadership

Ownership and sustainability

Ownership and Sustainability seeks to internalise the need for change by providing knowledge and skills. It includes:

  • Training evaluation
  • Post-implementation support
  • Post-implementation review

For individuals or companies who would like to learn about change management tools and fundamentals, we also offer a comprehensive change management course.

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