Case studies


Infrastructure Delivery Improvement Programme (IDIP), Provincial Government, KwaZulu-Natal


Develop Communication Strategy and Plan for Change Intervention.


  • Existing provincial communication efforts focused on optimising understanding within departments (known as the ‘silo approach’), rather than building bridges across departments.
  • There was a lack of capacity within departments – operational work took priority over effective participation.

Process followed:

  1. Identification of stakeholders
    The stakeholders who would affect, or be affected by, the change process were identified. The right people were involved as soon as possible to support the programme.
  2. Analysis of the audience
    The audience for whom the message was intended was analysed by current position, role etc.
  3. Identification of information
    The information which needed to be communicated per stakeholder was determined, and the message was planned and structured so that it was understandable to the audience concerned.
  4. Selection of communication channels
    The best channels of delivery for communication were planned, for example, e-mail, live broadcast, personal letter etc.
  5. Identification of senders
    The best sender for the message was identified. This person also became the champion of the communication efforts.
  6. Planning of communication feedback
    An open and transparent communication feedback process was planned from the outset. Effective communication is a two-way process.

Outcomes and benefits

A communication strategy for infrastructure delivery was produced. It consisted of the following components:

  • A stakeholder analysis;
  • An engagement plan;
  • A communication calendar; and
  • Standardised documentation for all meetings and communication

The benefits of the communication strategy were as follows:

  • Clear engagement and interaction between departments;
  • Clear understanding of the roles of each of the committees; and
  • Improved understanding of the role of the TMC and PPSC in the provision of infrastructure within the KZN province.

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