What options are available to businesses?

XChangeConnection businesses have the following two options when joining the website:

Sign up for basic membership

  • Your business will receive one username and password which enables you to access the site.
  • You can use the username to upload as many positions as you choose.
  • You may also register more than one user from your business in order to facilitate a faster uploading process across all departments.
  • Users can list positions that are available and specify core requirements and competencies.
  • You are also able to browse the contractors listed on XChangeConnection and contact anyone your business may be interested in.

Membership options:
One month: R11 000
Four months: R44 000
One year: discounted price of R120 000.

Click here to sign up for basic membership.

Sign up for the tailor-made package

This package offers your business a tailor-made solution to a specific short-term need.

You will receive:

  • the basic membership option as described above,
  • direct liaision with XChangeConnection to create a customised solution for you, focusing on your specific needs such as area, timeframe and detailed job description,
  • your own portal where contract positions will be listed,
  • marketing material such as newspaper advertisements,
  • a customised viral campaign, and much more.

The bottom line? There are no limits – we’ll do what it takes to help you find the right people for your project.

Want an idea of how it works? Here’s how we helped a recent client:

An engineering firm recently contacted us for help on a large contract that would span a six-month period. They opted for our
four-week tailor-made package.

In response, we created a customised web page for them with a direct link from the XchangeConnection home page. The newly created web page was customised for the contract positions available during the project and provided extensive details and requirements, thereby cutting out the people who did not qualify for the position.

In addition, we placed job advertisements in the local newspapers and devised a viral campaign using Facebook and twitter.







Membership options:
R20 000 per week
R80 000 for a four-week period

Click here to register for the tailor-made package.